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My artist statement for “allTURNatives” — 1 Comment

  1. Lynne, your work is wonderful and with so much feeling. ANd your artist statement says it all perfect. I wish I could have said it. I feel very similar about the the woods and the stones I work with. I feel there is nothing finer than working with these natural materials of the Earth. Many people can’t believe some of my roots, what they look like all grey & weathered, when I first find them, and then to see the finished piece when I done carving, sanding and finishing it to it’s inner beauty. Keep up the great work, or creativity, because what you have, I’m sure you don’t see it as work. To me when I create with wood, I get a great amount of pleasure from it. The feel, the smell of the wood, (most of them), they all have a natural beauty that brings enjoyment to me when it’s finished.

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