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  1. Hey there Lynne and other ITE’rs. I’ve been loving the blog since I was the blogmistress last year for this residency and am so glad that you are posting daily so I can relive last summer vicariously. That was the best summer of my life and I hope it is for you all as well.

    Anyhow, looking at the work you all have been making so far, I thought I’d remind you of some materials I left behind last year for future ITE’rs. A sewing machine, some Plastidip paint….hmmmm I can’t think of what else now. I’m issuing a formal challenge to your group to use one or both of these things, somehow, during your Philadelphia stint. Sorry…..I think I used up the glitter from a past resident or I would have suggested you use that too.

    Don’t miss the opportunity to visit to the Nakashima house and workshop, Lynne. It was one of my favorite visits all summer. If you caught the recent series on craft on public television, they showed some of the grounds and Mira, who is the daughter of George Nakashima who is carrying on the tradition. She will give the ITE group the grand tour that most visitors don’t get. Don’t forget to say hi from me too!

    Okay…carry on.

  2. I shouldn’t tell you this, lest you insist we use it, but the glitter is still here. And when we found the sewing machine, we all went, “What?!” Now we know where it came from. But I’m not sure we know what you used it for . . . ?

  3. I made a wall piece with sandpaper. It proved to be a bigger technical challenge than I’d anticipated, but I think Albertina own it now.

    I’m so glad to hear there’s still glitter left! It took me the entire residency to figure out how to put that to use, but now that piece is in the collection of Marilyn Campbell. You’ll have to let her tell you what it is.

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