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  1. Hi Lynne! Curiously, I wanted to see how you were doing at the Wood Turning Center. I see from your blog, I will need to sit down with a cup of java and settle in to consumer your narrative and photos. Enjoy your time with other inspirational artists and even though we are experiencing hot temps, it has to be cooler than your friends at home. We’d love to see you while you are here — drop a line or call us! Cheers and happy turns to you — Judy

  2. Hi Lynne,
    Got to your site from the Wood Turning Center site. After a year of waiting I just ordered a Oneway 1640 which will be delivered next week. Woohoo.
    Neat work you’re doing. Love the collaborative arts and artists aspect of it.
    Am also thrilled by the fact that I can actually read your name in Kanji and katakana. I lived in Yamaguchi Ken as a child and am now studying Japanese. Syncronicity at work, desu yo.
    Keep up the good work…..gambatte kudasai.

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