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I postponed my next surgery so that I will be able to make work for and participate in the Tucson Museum of Art’s Spring Artisans’ Market, March 15–17. My surgery will follow on Tuesday, March 19, when the silicone oil in my eye will be replaced and a new lens will be installed. In preparation for that, I will have another laser procedure tomorrow, Tuesday, February 19, just to make sure that my retina is fully tacked down (this is the procedure I mentioned in my last post, postponed along with the surgery).

The March 19 surgery should be the last on my eye itself. Surgery on my eyelids will likely happen in May or even June. After a day like today, when, inexplicably, I could barely keep my eye open wide enough to let in light, I will be glad for that too. I don’t understand how or why my ability to open my eye can vary so much from day to day, but it does. A day like today is scary, but I trust that tomorrow (or the next day or the next) will be better.

In the meantime, I have just started the last piece in the series of commissioned work that has occupied me for so long. By the end of the month, I will be free to make whatever pleases me. Hurray for play!


My next surgery — 2 Comments

  1. I hadn’t checked back with your progress for quite a while. Glad you are making headway! I’ve suffered with chronic fatigue for years. My eye strength is the first indicator of what kind of day I will be having. I suggest you probably just had a bad night’s rest, too much stress, or maybe an enviromental stressor to bring on that eye fatigue. I also had emergency laser surgery a month ago to repair a retinal tear. Now after a month, it seems I will always have eye debris floating around. Luckily, there is a thing that I think is called something like brain ignorance. It’s where the brain ignores that debris since it knows it contributes nothing to what you want to see. Our brains make a lot of assumptions to present the picture of sight to us. It seems to be doing that after only a month. Hope your journey continues to soften.

  2. Thanks, Rich. I discovered when I got ready for bed that night that I had accumulated a lot of mucus in my eye. Once I cleaned it out, my eye popped right open. Right now I have to clean my eye out a couple of times a day. Later surgery on my eyelids may improve the drainage problem, or it just may be a continuing fact of life.

    I think more than our sight depends on brain ignorance!

    Thanks for your good wishes.

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