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My next surgery — 2 Comments

  1. I hadn’t checked back with your progress for quite a while. Glad you are making headway! I’ve suffered with chronic fatigue for years. My eye strength is the first indicator of what kind of day I will be having. I suggest you probably just had a bad night’s rest, too much stress, or maybe an enviromental stressor to bring on that eye fatigue. I also had emergency laser surgery a month ago to repair a retinal tear. Now after a month, it seems I will always have eye debris floating around. Luckily, there is a thing that I think is called something like brain ignorance. It’s where the brain ignores that debris since it knows it contributes nothing to what you want to see. Our brains make a lot of assumptions to present the picture of sight to us. It seems to be doing that after only a month. Hope your journey continues to soften.

  2. Thanks, Rich. I discovered when I got ready for bed that night that I had accumulated a lot of mucus in my eye. Once I cleaned it out, my eye popped right open. Right now I have to clean my eye out a couple of times a day. Later surgery on my eyelids may improve the drainage problem, or it just may be a continuing fact of life.

    I think more than our sight depends on brain ignorance!

    Thanks for your good wishes.

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