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Last week, I finished the last of my shows for this year, and, boy, was I exhausted. It has been a good season: my inventory is the smallest I think it has ever been, a good problem to have. Thanks to all of you who helped to make it a good season. I’m encouraged to think that the economy may be turning around with regard to art.

I would refer would-be customers to my website, but I am woefully behind in photographing my newest work, so my work-for-sale pages are seriously outdated. In the downtime between customers when I work at Flux Gallery, I have at least started updating my (also long-neglected) photo galleries of past work. In the next couple of weeks, while I take a break from turning to finish the house remodels I have been putting off for much too long, I will set about photographing what remains of my newest work and updating my work-for-sale pages. And by January, I will be back in the studio, creating.

In the meantime, I’ve added a few pieces to the work displayed at Flux Gallery. In fact, all of us have just added or replaced work, so even if you’ve visited recently, it’s worth stopping in again.


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