During my last show, I sat a lot with the piece called “Offering,” and I want to share some of how I feel about it.

The vessel was born of green wood, wet, as we are. My labor was long. The hollowing took two sessions, and to keep the wood from shrinking overnight, I swaddled it in wet cloth and stored it in plastic. After the hollowing, as the wood dried, the body took on its own shape: oval, rather than round, taller than it is wide when the long lip is down. The wood (pearwood) is imperfect, a little blotchy, bruised, even. But the vessel is lovely, softly lovely. When I cup it in my hands, I feel it sing itself, quietly, out to the world, offering itself—to me, to you, to the cosmos, to God, however you may conceive that energy or entity. In turn, I offer it on a platter, on a bed of its own shavings, the remains of what it was, by-products of its passage to what it has become.



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  1. Hi Lynne, I tried to sign your guest book but the darn security code kept telling me I am blind. (I mean wrong) I sent Cyndi the link to your site. You know we West Virginia hill billys need more art and culture. Although a good bluegrass picker is pretty nice to hear. I finally wrote Amaranth after getting out of the hospital. (hospitals suck, especially the emergency rooms)Take care and enjoy yourself, Al

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