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The opening was a tough night for me. My vertigo was very bad, and it was all I could do to stay upright and smiling, so most of the photos below were taken by Jane, and I can’t tell you a lot about the events of the night. Vince’s films were screened, as was my video of the artists talking. Each of the ITErs talked about his or her experience, and each of us signed a plaque from a Stubby lathe that the Wood Turning Center (WTC) is raffling off in October. Also signing the plaque were Jane, Gus, Fleur Bresler, and other WTC board members.

The staff of the Wood Turning Center: Suzanne Kopko, exhibition coordinator; David Bender, system designer and publications manager; Jessica, administrative assistant; and Albert LeCoff, executive director.

Peter, his fiancée, and Elisabeth. Cable-and-wood necklaces by Peter.

Elisabeth and I.

Sean and Jean-François.

Phil Hauser and Bruce Kaiser look at a piece by Sean.

Tina and Albert. Necklace and bolo tie by Peter and Jean-François.

Siegfried with Greg and Regina Rhoa.

Peter talks about his work and his ITE experience.

Elisabeth talks about her ITE experience.

I talk about my work and my ITE experience.

Siegried talks about his work (with a demonstration of his new kinetic work) and his ITE experience.

Sean talks about his work and his ITE experience, as Elisabeth and her husband Rob look on.

Jean-François signs the Stubby plaque after his gallery talk.

Jane waits to sign the Stubby plaque as Albert thanks her for her contributions to the ITE program.

Albert acknowledges Gus's support of the ITE program.

Fleur Bresler waits to sign the Stubby plaque as Albert thanks her for her extensive support of the ITE and the WTC.

After the opening, the WTC staff, the ITErs, and several esteemed guests (chiefly the WTC board members) went out for a celebratory dinner at the Pub restaurant, courtesy of the WTC. Elisabeth couldn’t be with us, as she had to leave town right after the opening, but the rest of us had a good time letting down and letting go.


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