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We worked.

Don’t expect much in the way of posts for the next few days. Our deadline for turning in work for the final exhibition is this Friday, so all we will be doing until then is working, and for me at this point, that means turning, not blogging.

Here are a few photos from the last couple of days, just to try to keep you current.

Siegfried and Sean at work in their respective spaces.

Sean turning a new piece from manzanita root.

A new piece in process on Sean's workbench.

Siegfried makes—and throws—his own confetti.

The pile of shavings under Siegfried's lathe.

More of Siegfried's roughed-out pieces.

Jean-François's spalted ash series.

One of Jean-François's new series of black and white and black-and-white bowls.

New (and old, in the background) cement bowls by Jean-François.

Another view of Jean-François's cement bowls.

A pair of cherry bowls by me, before carving.

A pear bowl I made for Jane.



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