Hurray, my first comment! Thank you, Hilary, from last year’s ITE.

I invite all you readers to chime in as you see fit. You will have to register first, but then you can comment all you like—within reason. Remember, I can cut you off if you get out of hand. Just follow the instructions on the page marked “How to comment” (the page tabs are just below the masthead, at the top of the box containing the posts), and you’ll be on your merry way.


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  1. Lynne,

    On behalf of the Wood Turning Center’s Board of Trustees, I thank you for sharing your ITE experience with the world at large. Your blog is well designed and very informative with images and personal anecdotes. I especially like the links that explain certain terms.

    Have a wonderful and safe trip to Washington. On your way back through Baltimore I want to let you know that that is a good place to eat sea food. Tina suggests you Google crabs.

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