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Jean-François took these photos of Siegfried and me working on Sunday.

Siegfried's lathe.My lathe.

Oh, wait. We weren’t there. Siegfried went off to tour the city on his bicycle. I went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which was downright inspiring. Unfortunately, I left my camera at the shop in case anything exciting happened while I was gone (which is how Jean-François took these pictures), so I can’t share any of what I saw. I may go back just to take pictures, though. There are pieces I want to remember.

While we were gone, Sean and Jean-François spent the day working. Jean-François turned his third bowl of ailanthus.

Jean-François textures ailanthus bowl number three.Ailanthus bowl number three, finished.

Sean, who, as I said, likes to move back and forth between projects, was working on the first freeform sculpture when I returned from the museum. (He has begun gluing up a second and third.) In the second photo, you can also see a piece or two of those he will assemble together in the oak piece he started yesterday.

Sean carves.The first freeform sculpture and some oak components.

Another view of the first freeform sculpture.This looks like a hybrid animal from this side. The piece morphs each day.


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